Tile Roof Replacements and Repairs


From solar panels that cause leaks to broken tiles with out-dated underlayments we fix it all. For people who are looking to convert the roof to tile for the first time or looking to replace tiles with different color or style, we provide an unrivaled craftsmanship that speaks for itself. Proper flashing, new synthetic underlayments, new metal drip edges with different color options, wood replacement, gutter removal, and a clean job-site are all standard things each homeowner should expect when having a professional roofer work on your home and is what Trujano Roofing Company was founded on.

Trujano Roofing Company also does tile roof repairs that involve removing the tiles in the section that is leaking. Remove and replace underlayment with synthetic underlayment, re-install the tiles carefully and replacing any tiles that may break or chip in the process.  

Many homes have tile roofs that are now discontinued in which we work hard to provide the closest match to your existing tiles and realign the tiles so the new ones are in a place with little to no visibility from the floor level or street view.


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